About Us

CALL I SUPPLY ( Environmental Paper Towel Service, Inc.) was founded in Goshen, NY in 1993. Our mission then and continues to be, is to specialize in products and services designed to bring quality and safety to The Hudson Valley workplace.

We have since 1993, provided First Aid, Paper, Janitorial and Maintenance products to factories, restaurants, retail outlets, municipalities, houses of worship and more.

Beginning in 2004 we began to supply competitively priced Proven Green Cleaning Products to elementary, secondary, business schools and colleges. Our green products are currently part of the cleaning process for large and small corporations, banks, municipalities, and health clubs. Our original customers are now converting to green as they become convinced that green products work as well, if not better than non green.

The goal at CALL I SUPPLY is to do an exceptional job of marketing proven green products. While we are competitive in price and performance, our commitment to customer satisfaction is our first priority. WE REALLY CARE.

Serving the Hudson Valley

Westchester: 1-800-334-9449

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